Book Review By Arnold I. Davidson

“I have no hesitation in saying that this book is a major contribution. Even when one disagrees with the Rav’s interpretations of Maimonides, Aristotle, Plato, Plotinus or Kant, one cannot help but recognize an extraordinary philosophical mind at work. Moments of brilliant philosophical intuition, interpretation, and argumentation appear on virtually every page. Lawrence Kaplan’s remarkable introduction and his critical apparatus are an indispensable guide, both for readers new to Soloveitchik and for accomplished scholars of his work. ‘Maimonides. Between Philosophy and Halakhah’ shows the heights that philosophy can reach from within the Jewish tradition”.

– Arnold I. Davidson

Robert O. Anderson Distinguished Service Professor
Department of Philosophy
Divinity School
Department of Comparative Literature
Department of Romance Languages and Literature
Committee on the Conceptual and Historical Studies of Science
University of Chicago