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Prof. of Rabbinics & Jewish Philosophy at McGill University

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Maimonides: Between Philosophy and Halakhah is the first and only comprehensive study by the noted twentieth century rabbinic scholar and thinker, Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik of the philosophy of Maimonides.  Based on a complete set of notes, taken by Rabbi Gerald (Yaakov) Homnick, of R. Soloveitchik’s Lectures on Maimonides’ Guide of the Perplexed at the Bernard Revel Graduate School in 1950-51 as edited, annotated, and provided with an Introduction by the noted scholar of R. Soloveitchik and Maimonides, Lawrence Kaplan, this work constitutes a major contribution to our knowledge

of both Maimonides and Soloveitchik. As Professor Dov Schwartz states in his Foreword, “R. Soloveitchik in these lectures offers a bold and creative ‘halakhic’ reading of the Guide of the Perplexed that readers will find challenging and thought provoking, and that is certain to arouse much discussion, perhaps even controversy and criticism.”… Read More About the Book…

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“…All those who study R. Soloveitchik’s teachings, general readers and professional scholars alike, will be in Kaplan’s debt for his masterful editing, the systematic and virtuosic philosophical analysis in his introduction, and his uncovering of R. Soloveitchik’s ideas.”

– Prof. Dov Schwartz  |  Bar-Ilan University